Dakota Access Pipeline leaks two barrels of oil – Trump is personally to Blame

Main Steam Media’s Take:

Donald Trump is responsible for 84 gallons of oil spilled from a pump station on the Dakota Access Pipeline.  He is very irresponsible and we should hate him.  Any opportunity to provide liberal propaganda, no matter how small cannot be squandered!

Real America’s Take:

The MSM narrative is the Dakota Access Pipeline was ramrodded through by Trump.  Not because it is statically 4.5 times safer than the rail cars currently carrying that very same crude oil, but because Trump wanted to see it spill 84 gallons into a containment ditch.  How is this even a news story?  Every reasonable person knows that there are small oil spills all of the time.  84 gallons of oil leaking from a valve into a well built containment area is not news.  This is propaganda designed to fill your mind with negative news on Trump.  Perhaps we should have written a news story every day highlighting every single truck or rail accident where a barrel or two of oil leaked out because Obama would not allow the safest method of oil transportation be completed.  Chalk this up to liberal propaganda.

Dakota Access Pipeline Springs a Leak in South Dakota

MSN Article Link

The pipeline, which Donald Trump pushed through upon becoming president, leaked about 200 miles south of where the Standing Rock protests took place.

Source: www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/dakota-access-pipeline-springs-a-leak-in-south-dakota/ar-BBAZTYg?OCID=ansmsnnews11