MSN Spreads Fake News Through Mindless Repetition

OK, read this MSN article…  Then randomly the last two paragraphs spew an in-congruent, fake news lie…

‘American police yesterday detained scores of pro-Trump protesters following street battles in Portland, Oregon.

The Trump Free Speech Rally ended with 14 arrests on disorderly conduct, concealed weapon and harassment charges and nearly 100 more protesters were rounded up. Police fired tear gas after bricks were thrown at officers.’

Besides having nothing to do with the actual story, they are there to spread the #MSNFakeNews narrative.

Read a reliable, local source of information and you hear something completely different.  It seems 14 people were arrested, that much is true.  However, everyone of those arrests consisted of an ANTIFA and Anti-Trump protester.  MSN’s reference to the ‘scores detained’ were again ANTIFA, not Pro-Trump as they would have you believe.

Protesters threw bricks, mortars and balloons filled with “unknown, foul-smelling liquid,” according to police. They said only the protesters at Chapman Square had engaged in criminal behavior. The crowds at Terry Schrunk Plaza, where a pro-Donald Trump Free Speech Rally was held, and City Hall, where the Portland Stands United Against Hate Rally took place, were not involved.

Again, the Main Stream Media is lying to you and hoping, through repetition, you believe their propaganda.